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Belém Tower ticket

1 | Plan your visit

As you probably know, the Belém Tower is one of Lisbon’s most emblematic monuments. This magnificent Portuguese fortification is the work of the genius of Francisco de Arruda. The Belém Tower attracts more than 500,000 visitors every year, making it one of the most visited monuments in Portugal after the Jerónimos Monastery. Built between 1514 and 1519, during the reign of Manuel I, this fortress was a major building in Portugal’s maritime history.

Belém Tower ticket

500,000 visitors a year.

Francisco de Arruda, a 16th-century Portuguese military engineer, played a crucial role in the construction of Lisbon’s Belem Tower. Under the direction of the architect Diogo de Boitaca, Arruda contributed to the design and construction of this iconic tower, completed in 1521. His expertise in military architecture was put to good use, incorporating defensive elements such as cannons and machicolations. The Belem Tower, a blend of Manueline style and Moorish elements, was built to reinforce Lisbon’s defences and symbolise Portugal’s maritime grandeur at the time of the discoveries.

Belém Tower ticket

Plan your visit to the Belém Tower.

1.1 Choosing the date

If you want to see the Belem Tower, it’s vital to choose the date that best suits your schedule. You should be aware that early morning or late afternoon visits are the least popular time slots. During the festive season, it can sometimes be difficult to get a ticket, so we recommend that you book several days or even weeks in advance to ensure that you have a slot. It is important to know that once you have purchased a Belém Tour ticket, it cannot be changed or refunded. It will count towards the visit quotas imposed with your Belém Tour ticket.

Belém Tower ticket

Discover the interior of the Belém Tower.

The role of the Belém Tower was to defend the port of Lisbon. Located at the outpost on the Tagus, it was a strategic fortress against outside invasion. But this tower also saw the departure of prestigious explorers, with their caravels launched towards the unexplored territories of Africa, America and Asia.

1.2 Buying a Belém Tower ticket

Buying your Tour Belém ticket online means you won’t waste any time. You will be able to limit your waiting time when you come to the Belém Tower. tilckets allows you to make your reservation online via this site, with numerous visit options available via the secure Tiqets platform. Please note that the tilckets site is not the official site but a brand affiliated with Tiqets. Tiqets is one of Belém Tower’s partners. Booking is simple: choose the type of ticket you prefer (access to the Tower, visitor pass, etc.) and you will receive your Belém Tower ticket directly by e-mail. You can then present your Belém Tower ticket on your smartphone or in printed form.

Belém Tower ticket

Reduce your waiting time during your visit.

2 | Before your visit.

2.1 Itinerary
Plan and organise your route to the Belém Tower. It’s not that accessible. Use public transport or book a taxi if necessary. You can also take the tram to the Lg. Princesa tram stop, which is only 6 minutes from the Belém Tower. You can find out how to get to the Belém Tower here.

2.2 Dress code
When visiting the Belém Tower, dress comfortably and lightly for the Mediterranean weather. Comfortable walking shoes are recommended for added comfort. As the Belém Tower is made up of five floors, you will have to climb some stairs. Add accessories such as a hat and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun, and don’t forget a bottle of water.

2.3 Visiting time
Allow plenty of time to make the most of your visit. Once you have purchased your Belém Tour ticket, your time will not be limited, so you can take as much time as you need to visit and stroll around.

Belém Tower ticket

The entrance to the Belém Tower is on the north side.

3 | Your arrival

3.1 How do I get in?

Visitors generally enter the Belem Tower through the main door on the north side. This elevated entrance is accessed via a staircase and is decorated with motifs characteristic of the Manueline style. It is advisable to check the opening times and be aware of any access restrictions before planning your visit.

When you arrive, follow the signs to the entrance reserved for visitors. Present your Tour Belém ticket at the entrance from your smartphone or in printed form. The important thing is that your QR code is easy to read. Make sure you arrive at the time specified on your tickets, so as to respect the visiting slots. You’ll be able to marvel at the exceptional architecture designed by Francisco de Arruda.

Belém Tower ticket

4 | During your visit

4.1 Discovering the spaces

Once inside, visitors can explore the tower’s various rooms, including the Audience Hall, and enjoy the terrace with its panoramic views of the Tagus River and the surrounding area.

Belém Tower ticket

4.2 Architectural observation

Take time to admire the Manueline architecture designed by Francisco de Arruda. This late Gothic architecture incorporates elements of Flemish art, Islamic art and marine motifs linked to the Age of Discovery. The characteristics of Manueline architecture include richly decorative universes, such as floral motifs, complex knots, heraldic symbols and representations of ropes and sailing. The architect Francisco de Arruda designed the Belem Tower in the shape of a caravel’s prow. It is therefore made up of two large structures: the bastion and the tower.

The bastion

The bastion, like the tower, is accessible from the land via a drawbridge. It is divided into two levels.

Belém Tower ticket

The first room, which you will enter directly, housed the artillery. The walls have openings for the fortress’s cannons. Above you’ll find the first terrace, which was used by the guards and now offers a beautiful panoramic view of the Tagus.

The tower

The tower, which you can reach from the terrace with your Belem Tour Ticket, has five floors. Each gives access to a specific room, which you can visit.

Belém Tower ticket

They are all linked by a spiral staircase, which can sometimes be difficult to climb when it’s busy. But the climb is well worth it: at the top, a second terrace gives visitors a view 35 metres above the ground.

5 | After your visit

5.1 Souvenir shop

At the end of your visit, you can visit the shop and take away a souvenir of the Belém Tower.

5.2 Free time

If you have any free time, take the opportunity to stroll around the area. Take time to admire the magnificent Belém Tower from Brasília Avenue.

Belém Tower ticket

Enjoy your visit!

The visit is free for children under the age of 12, and lasts between 30 minutes and around 1 hour. Access for wheelchair users is limited to the ground floor. Unfortunately, it is not possible to visit the tower. Booking your Belém Tower ticket will play a key role in simplifying your trip to Lisbon. By following tilckets’ advice, you should be able to organise a pleasant and well-planned visit.

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From May to September :
10H – 18H30

From October to April :
10H – 17H30.

Closed on Monday.
January 1st, Easter Sunday,
May 1st,
June 13th and December 25th.


Time required:

Tour :
Between 1H and 1H30.




Belém Tower ticket

Belém tower access


  15E    Stop Lg. Princesa (at 6 min)


Lines 149, 729, 79B.

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Belém Tower ticket